Solving the world’s planning puzzles using a single platform
Back in 1997, five computer programmers were working on a scheduling application for an aluminum hot mill operator. Their mission – develop a planning and optimization software that could be configured to fit any business model. Their solution was a success and that’s how Quintiq started. Today, we continue to solve the world’s planning puzzles using the same single, powerful platform. We are now an industry leader in supply chain and optimization with close to 1,000 employees worldwide. We have offices in the United States of America, Australia, China, Malaysia, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. As we expand, you can expect more opportunities to expand into new fields, new areas of responsibility, and work in new locations.

What we do
Our software plans parcel deliveries for DHL in more than 40 countries; schedules trains throughout Europe; plans the production of 25% of all aluminium produced in the world; and rosters air traffic controllers across five time zones and 150 locations. Quintiq’s software is in use at over 500 locations in over 80 countries.

To get an idea of what the Quintiq software can do, try out this challenge!
The challenge simulates planning a bus driver shift schedule. Create an optimum working schedule for 11 drivers on three lines to cover the next 14 days. The closer your schedule is to optimum, the happier your boss and the drivers will be. Give it your best shot, we are even throwing in a tablet for the best score of the month!

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